First Setbacks

As expected, the first setbacks of the season have arrived -I knew it wouldn’t be plain sailing …
Saturday 11, we rode the track of the Brevet 200, the Sprint Bike’s race, with SergiVH, and feelings were OK: 170 kms with a positive slope of 3000 and an average speed of almost 23 km/h. Everything was perfect until two kilometres before reaching the top at Vacarisses, the last hill before getting to Martorell, where I started to feel a severe pain in my right knee (the one that is not so bad): it was, without a doubt, a quadricipital tendinitis. I managed to get to the car and decided to rest on Sunday. Today, Wednesday 15, as soon as I tried to ride the bike, the same problem appeared, so I decided to come back home. Now, I will have to rest during the weekend and pray for my participation in the 25th Brevet.

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